Il bello di questa condivisione spinta racchiusa nel nome di web, è che spesso  ti fa conoscere  realtà interessanti come quella di The Macula. E’ loro il progetto del video mapping (la parte audio è stata curata da data-live) per il festeggiamento dei 600 anni della torre dell’ orologio presente a Old Town Square di Praga.

Di seguito il motto in cui si riconosce il collettivo di The Macula:

The Macula project explores the relationship between image, sound
and viewer. It fights the established limits and pushes the boundaries
in search of alternative approaches. The goal is to achieve perfect
symbiosis and satisfy audio-visual nihilism. Video mapping is a new
visual style based on VJing. When the standard 2D projection screen
was becoming too ordinary, efforts to find something new led to the
discovery of open space projection on any surface.

Video mapping uses common entertainment technology in a new,
innovative way. The main objective is to use projections tailored to the
selected surface or object to shatter the viewer’s perception of
perspective. The projector allows bending and highlighting any shape,
line or space. A suggestive play of light on a physical object creates
a new dimension and changes the perception of a seemingly
ordinary object.

Everything becomes an illusion.