Ancora non riesco bene a capire se i progetti portati avanti dal collettivo Personal Robots Group mi spaventano oppure mi affascinano. Di sicuro la loro sperimentazione su robot e interfacce che si avvicinino  il più possibile ad  un’ interazione legata all’ agire umano è a ottimo punto. Lo dimostra il loro ultimo progetto AIDA, un Car Assistant decisamene particolare, in grado di emulare emozioni e di rispondere in modo coerente ad ogni nostro input grazie anche ad una camera destinata al face ed emotion recognition.

The aim of the Personal Robot’s portion of the project is to expand the relationship between the car and the driver with the goal of making the driving experience more effective, safer, and more enjoyable. As part of this expanded relationship, we plan to introduce a new channel of communication between automobile and driver/passengers. This channel would be modeled on fundamental aspects of human social interaction including the ability to express and perceive affective/emotional state and key social behaviors. In pursuit of these aims we have developed the Affective Intelligent Driving Agent (AIDA), a novel in-car interface capable of communicating with the cars occupants using both physical movement and a high resolution display. This interface is a research platform, which can be used as a tool for evaluating various topics in the area of social human-automobile interaction.