Nik Ramage è un artista che crea dei complicati meccanismi meccanici grazie l’utilizzo di componenti in disuso per realizzare artefatti “tecnologici” senza un’apparente utilità. In questa “non-utilità” credo che chiunque possa trovare qualcosa di speciale che rende unico ogni opera/oggetto che esce fuori dall’ officina di Nik Ramage. Questo e i prossimi post saranno dedicati a lui.

Machines made for industrial or domestic use are designed to be labour-saving and efficent. The machines i make are not utilitarian and they have uncertainly and fragility built in. They are the last to be picked when the machines are picking sides for football. They are assembled from components that were designed for another purpose, in the finest garden-shed tradition of technology, embracing the slightly damaged and the completly knackered. Some of the machines work relentessly at their task, some are like almost -useful tools. Others have more hesitant actions, struggling under their loads; they try to get somewhere or do something but are thwarted. This is technology from the shadows. Absurd, paradoxical and in the verge of giving up.