Lia è una Net-artist australiana attiva nella creazione di digital art installation. Questa applicazione per iphone rende disponibile a tutti la possibilità di creare forme generative impostando vari parametri nel menù dell’ applicazione.

The human and the machine are collaborators in the creation of a unique art experience.You can interact with the elements on screen, but the machine always suggests its own ideas to which you can respond using your intuition.You can either set certain parameters yourself by accessing the Menu, or you can hand this responsibility over to the machine, which will randomly select parameters for you when you shake your device.If you have the Trails switch ON, you will be rewarded for your experimentation with your own personal unique art piece. No created image will ever be the same. Store your favorite moments by accessing the Menu where you can save the image to your Photos.With the Trails switch OFF you will simply see the elements floating through space.This application has no other purpose or use then your joy. Please explore and playfully experiment with this art creation tool.