AMALGAM è il progetto/tesi di laurea in visual communication di Jacob Lysgaard. AMALGAM era nella testa di Jacob da diverso tempo. Essendo anche DJ da più di 10 anni il suo interrogativo premeva sulla rappresentazione visiva di concerti e performance legati alla musica elettronica.

Ecco le parole di Jacob Lysgaard riguardo il suo progetto AMALGAM:

“The gist of the problem is that electronic instruments are not performative in their nature. Indeed, electronic music is not performative in its nature, since its basic form is the stored version, unlike acoustic music, which is the other way around. So most electronic concerts are usually some dude on stage, hiding behind a big table and his laptop, looking like he’s checking his e-mail.
I started my project wanting to fix this, that was all I knew.
In extremely short words, my solution was to create a grid based on the physical stage, expand this perspective into projections, and populate the resulting virtual space with virtual artists, that are playing all the music that used to be invisible, inside the computer. Intrigued? Good. Now let’s look at some pictures, shall we?”