Interessante questo progetto di proiezione su aquilone presentato da Aldo Hoeben durante il Lotto Kites International 2010 tenutosi a Oostende in Belgio.

Ecco le parole di Aldo Hoeben sulle ipotesi progettuali e le tecniche di realizzazione:

For the Lotto Kites International 2010 in Oostende, I dragged a projector onto the beach and experimented with a number of projections on a rectangular white kite. The kite was created by Tessa Schlechtriem days before the festival for this purpose.

In the original ambitious plan, the kite would be fitted with 4 infrared trackers so the projection could be automatically mapped on the kite. This system was not finished in time so I ended up aiming the projection at the kite manually through a combination of physically orienting the projector and moving the image around in the projection. Because there was no background to the kites, this worked out fine.