Creata da Angus Forbes, FluidAutomata è una applicazione interattiva fluidodinamica per iPhone e iPad. L’applicazione permette di creare composizioni astratte dinamiche e interattive grazie al multitouch.FluidAutomata utilizza un motore fluido che Angus ha creato (GPU-accelerated version of Line Integral Convolution) per la visualizzazione dei fluidi. L’applicazione è acquistabile su Itunes da questo link.

To begin using Fluid Automata, simply start touching the screen. Creative control of the fluid system is available through a set of pop-up menus and a set of ten slider. You can adjust the color palette by loading in a photo, by turning on the front or back video camera, by choosing a texture of random colors, or by choosing one of the many presets. Once the main color palette is loaded, use the left sliders to adjust the contrast, the brightness, the saturation, and the amount of blending between the original colors and the colors swirled around by the fluids. You can use the right sliders to control various aspects of the fluid itself. Below are images of the main user interface, the color and fluid sliders, and the popup menus accessible from the toolbar. The toolbar and sliders can be hidden at anytime by double-tapping anywhere on the screen. To bring back the controls, simply double-tap the screen again. Detailed instructions are always available by pressing the “?” button on the left hand side of the toolbar.