A giugno vi abbiamo annunciato l’International Video Mapping Competition che si sta svolgendo in questi giorni a Parigi. Alla competizione si sono candidati 162 digital artists provenienti da oltre 40 paesi da tutto il mondo. Ecco a voi i 10 finalisti che in questo momento sono a Parigi a presentare i loro video mapping e che potrebbero vincere il premio di 5.000 euro. Appena sarà possibile pubblicheremo i loro lavori.


Mr. Suleiman ALHADIDI Director Artist, Architect | Australia, Jordan

Mrs. Mani WILLIAMS Partner Artist

Mr. Suleiman ALHADIDI & Mr. Robert JORDAN Soundscape


Mr. Stanislav ROUDAVSKI, Roger ALSOP, Gwyllim JAHN Performative Architecture Studio 2011, University of Melbourne | Australia

Trigger is a fast-paced video installation. It tells a story about interactive particles which progress from creating to responding to sound. The visual is intentionally ambiguous to allow the viewers to freely form their own narrative.


Miss Renata DEZSCO Artist / Hungary

I have experimented how can I have minimal colour scheme with a lot of movement and motion on simple objects as the cubes. Just like a classic shape of a cube would have a hard time to find the right space of itself. There is two section of the animation, in the first part the cube is moving as a whole shape, and with a white wire creating a psychedelic effect. the second section, when the cubes find out how to be stable, from the static cubes moving out some form, and element. Sounddesign: RenDez.

Brisures cubiques

Mr Alain FELIX Artist / France

Light, birth, material, color, transformation, fluidity, mechanization, fullness, extravagance, stability, transparency, ruptures, death, Chip cube, is a symbolic work or projecting Alain Félix a metamorphosis of these tables, an efficient handling and textural virtuosity .


Mr. Vinícius LUZ Artist, Professor, company

Mr. Edgar SALMEN sound designer | Brazil

The virtual spaces and contents are growing, creating a new concept of reality and virtual reality. What eyes can see could be a illusion, but our brains wants to live that experience as real. The space could be more than we can see. In art there is no winner, just experiences. The podium could be not applied to art, but could be a stairs to imagination.

Welcome to the machine

Mr. José Sandoval MARTINEZ Artist | Mexico

In the beginning but only darkness had been growing machine growing becoming aware of themselves so renewed and reinvented. Getting to perfection was inspired by therir creators.it also began to create a world to which we invite you to immerse.


Mr. Mathieu MARTIN Independent | France

The work developed for the “Mapping Trophy Video” trying to put 3D in the foreground. More than a work of light and shadow, it attempts to deconstruct the projection surface and deceive the viewer by the prospect.

Abstract Jamming

Mr. Jose SOUSA “aka” Jose Budha (BUDHENS VJ) Artist | Portuga

We could breathe and we can dance trough this environment, in this dense atmosphere coated by 3D graphics, strong colors, lights, shapes and music perspectives. Sometimes the balance of the nature or the blue sky into the deep sea, when the plane passed, we stop to feel like a human being to watch something new and beautiful. Based and created with video and graphics footage, with influence clubbing.media since years 90.

Friendly Dragons light the City

Mr. John TETTENBORN Company | Germany

The stage is transformed into a city which is lit by colourful dragons. The dragons are not visible to the eyes directly, only their reflections and illumination can be seen.


Mr. Fred TRETOUT, Mr. Stefano GEMMELLARO, Mr. Boualamphone SOURIDETH, Mr. Christophe MESSAGER, Mr. Thomas HIRSH Collectif | Canada

In a small suburban neighborhood, the city beats its course, except the little that Marc does not want his cat “Zephyr” eventually cooked by his grandmother Luciferian. His only recourse: cut electricity! Such an act will trigger a flash of anger at the grandmother! She rushed to lock Zephyr and she threw the little Marc in his room. Little Marc knew the attitude of his grandmother, so it was in the habit of digging a tunnel to the ventilation of the house if necessary. Through the maze of vents, he came to the cell of her cat and fled through the power that was in him! It was time to confront his tyrannical grandmother. His words were so powerful and disturbing truth that she felt very small. Seeing this, the cat took advantage of the weak moment of revenge grandmother and her siblings.


Mr. Kai Von AHLEFELD Artist Collective | France

The shadow of darkness elusive zone formed by the interception of light by a body. As the video mapping, shadow, natural projection, is able to adopt any volume or surface. Shadow is inspired and appropriates the shadow theater by creating shadows in the light and not light. Inspired by traditional theatrical scenery and traditional methods of Chinese shadow play. Shadow tells the story of a young adventurer, Siegfried, opera created in 1876 by R. Wagner. An adventure capturing the volume of the scene.