Chi di voi ha ordinato tempo fa un Leap Motion probabilmente come noi avrà ricevuto una mail come questa..”..your leap motion is on the way…” e si starà sfregando le mandi in attesa di riceverlo.



Ieri ha preso vita  il Leap Motion AirSpace Store, uno spazio dedicato a tutte le applicazioni sviluppate per funzionare con il controller. Gli sviluppatori sono incoraggiati a sviluppare i propri applicativi e distribuirli sullo store on line.


Queste sono state le parole del CEO Scott Snibbe al lancio dell’ AirSpace Store


“We are thrilled to be among the first developers releasing apps for Leap Motion, and I believe strongly that, in the future, gesture may dominate human-computer interaction, it’’s what people are calling ‘‘Natural User Interface,’’ because we’re now communicating with the computer the same way that we communicate with other human beings.”


Al momento sono disponibili 75 app, di seguito vi presentiamo le 14 applicazioni presenti che sono dedicate alla musica.


Acoustica AirMIDI



AeroMIDI uses the Leap Motion Controller to track your fingers in space allowing you to play configurable 3D cubes to trigger notes and CC MIDI messages using any MIDI software or MIDI hardware. To get started, just plug the Leap Motion controller into a USB port. Load and install the AeroMIDI software and start up some MIDI software or an external synthesizer. AeroMIDI is the virtual 3D glue between your synths and your fingers. In minutes you’ll be creating music using only your fingers.


Devoid Games OctoRhythm



OctoRhythm is a casual rhythm game designed for the Leap Motion Controller. You must pay attention to the symbols displayed by the computer and then repeat them or defeat them in a Rock Paper Scissors match to the beat! It starts slow, but gets to insane difficulties!


Double Fine DropChord



Playing the piano using the leap motion controller



 Funktronic Labs Lotus



This app — the only free music app for Leap Motion, so far anyway — includes four musical toys for you to play around with and make some music.


Handwavy AirBeats



Make awesome sounding beats in the air! AirBeats captures your natural “air drumming” movements, allowing you to make amazing beats in the styles of Hip Hop, Dubstep, Trance, and more.


Handwavy AirArp



AirHarp is an intuitive musical instrument you can play entirely by waving your hands in the air.  It is designed to bring engaging musical experiences to people from all walks of life, with or without music training.  You can tune the instrument to suit specific needs, or just play around in a carefree manner.  No matter how you use AirHarp, the experience is beautiful and fun.


Just Add Music Swoosh



Swoosh is an iTunes performance companion. Dump the dull iTunes music experience for more hands-on fun. Swoosh simulates vinyl control with that vintage pitch sound. Intuitively reach in to control track playback, audio effects and looping. A multiplayer, multi hand experience that was specifically designed for the Leap Motion Controller. Listen, music is always a good idea, so leap in.


Movara Beat Bash



Beat Bash is a game designed for the LEAP motion in which you challenge yourself and your friends to a true test of hand-eye coordination as you endeavor to hit a series of notes flying at you in time with your music.



 Olympia Noise Co. Chordion Conductor



Chordion Conductor features a unique interface that is instantly accessible and fun for all ages. Choose from a wide range of chords & scales. Turn on the arpeggiator for instant melody making. Mix together common instruments with the built-in sound engine or turn on MIDI mode to control your favorite synthesizer or sampler. Use all three dimensions to control volume, panning, modulation, and pitch bend.



SnibbeStudio Gravilux



Gravilux is an interactive musical starfield visualizer. As you wiggle and wave your fingers before the screen, gravity draws simulated stars to your fingertips. You can tease and twist the particles into galaxies, or explode them like a supernova. Push in for more gravity and out for less. Make a fist for antigravity, and use all your fingers and both hands at once.



SnibbeStudio OscilloScoop



Make musical magic by gliding your fingertips over spinning crowns, creating real-time electronic music with a few swipes. As effortless as a toy, OscilloScoop gives you the tools DJs and electronic musicians use to create intricate grooves, with a hand-waving interface inspired by video games and dancers.


Tenacious Frog AirMIDI



Play and Control your virtual instruments with AirMIDI and the Leap Motion Controller!


Uwyn Geco MIDI



We’ve invested a lot of time and effort to provide you with one of the easiest and most powerful solutions to interact with MIDI through hand gestures. Our custom multi-staged processing engine ensures an extremely low processing overhead and near zero latency, while still providing you with beautiful real-time visual feedback and powerful customization capabilities.