Manga Generator permette di creare il proprio fumetto manga personalizzato. Il progetto è ad opera dello Shirai Lab presso il Kanagawa Institute of Technology ed è attualmente in fase di sviluppo. Tutto parte da una storia che ha una base predefinita, ma saranno le pose che vengono assunte dai partecipanti a divenire il fulcro della scena. Il sistema applica in tempo reale i filtri per poter vedere in modo immediato il risultato della scena. Manga Generator ricorda molto “Ideogenetic Machine” di Nova Jiang, progetto del quale vi parlammo qualche tempo fa.



Queste sono le parole del team di Shirai Lab:


“For a story created in advance, you take up your desired pose. Then, the shader runs in real time, converting the image to manga style. The biggest feature of this system is, it observes a person’s posture, chooses a background to match, and synthesizes the two.”


“When you complete the experience, you get a print-out like this, to create an original manga. There’s an advertisement on the back, and because people aren’t likely to throw away a manga with themselves in it, this is considered a very effective means of advertising.”


“For example, manga-style smartphone pictures are very popular right now. But the main feature of this system is, you can put yourself into a manga story by moving your whole body freely.”
“The real-time manga shader still has room for improvement, so we’re working to enhance the image quality. Then, there’s the issue of layout. We’ve made great progress on layout with text in the right places, and interactive stories. Some aspects of this research can be applied to e-books and interactive e-books.”
“As an industrial application, a customized version is on show at Manga Kingdom Tottori. That’s being experienced by hundreds of people every day. So, commercial applications have also advanced quite a lot.”