Illucia è uno strumento basato su OSC creato da Chris Novello. Un dispositivo che combina la musica con il gaming-art, uno strumento per dei live audio/video davvero particolari.



Illucia è un dispositivo USB con connettori fisici che corrispondono a delle patch software che Chris ha realizzato con Processing e MaxMSP. Al momento sono rilasciate 6 applicazioni:


PCO (Paddle Controlled Oscillator)

Conceived of as a videogame LFO, PCO produces surprisingly complex patterns with just a ball generator and two paddles. For a simple LFO, use the Ball X/Y outputs. For psychedelic insanity, patch a clock or metronome into the ball generator, and modulate the initial ball angle, position, and color.


Life Sequencer
Life Sequencer is illucia’s rhythmic heart. It is a step sequencer where you build patterns with falling tetromino blocks. You can also remix your patterns using Conway’s Game of Life. It works great as a master clock for the illucia system, and pairs excellently with music software.


War Machine

Ever want to have a thousand missiles rain from the sky while you destroy them with explosions that sample colors from paintings? War Machine has you covered. Blow up missles, and use the explosion coordinates to modulate other programs. Control the X&Y coordinates of the crosshairs with 2 knobs for a very strange etch-a-sketch plotter.


Paper Cup
Paper Cup is a text editor with OSC patch points. Cut, copy, paste, font size, font color, text selection and more are all remotely controllable. Why not make a videogame remix an essay? Why not make a drum machine do beat poetry?


Pointl turns images into typographic pointillism (by rendering the pixels of an image with letterforms). It is a very simple Processing sketch template that currently cycles through different images using OSC. You can also trigger it to sample & broadcast the color at a given coordinate (this pairs great with War Machine).


Stand Stijl
Stand Stijl is a text toy inspired by the work of Piet Mondrian . It lets you move words around generative grids of rectangles and has a few color&draw modes.


Illucia è un progetto opensource sia nell’hardware che nel software ed è acquistabile direttamente sul sito dedicato per 495$.