“Enra” crea degli  spettacoli innovativi che presentano in un modo unico la fusione tra immagini generate in tempo reale e l’interazione del performer.  A questo link il loro profilo Vimeo dove potrete vedere altri estratti della performance.


We wanted to defy the different expression forms and, in order to create a more complex work, also from a different point of view about the universe. There is more potential to combine images.
Our continuous collaboration with big artists able to create a new way of entertainment also took us to this determination.


“Enra” is a project to present an unique way of entertainment, where collaboration between real-time images and interaction is the protagonist. The images used in the show are not limited to real-time graphics, but also includes writing or interactive visual scenery, something that years ago was pretty difficult to implement with this efficiency and flexibility.


This project “Enra” joins top artists in such different genres as Kung-Fu, acrobatics, gymnastics and coreography. Please, just enjoy a new entertainment world not only limited to images.


Director : Nobuyuki Hanabusa , Yusaku Mochizuki
Performer :Yusaku Mochizuki
Animator : Minoru Kusakabe , Nobuyuki Hanabusa
Music : Nobuyuki Hanabusa , Yusaku Mochizuki