“Soft Revolvers” è una interactive performance musicale realizzata dall’artista Myriam Bleau. 4 trottole costruite dall’artista sono il suo strumento musicale. Gli strumenti sono dotati di giroscopi e accelerometri che comunicano i propri dati via wireless al pc dal quale vengono gestiti e tramutati in suoni grazie a Pure Data.


As a composer, I’m interested in finding original strategies for musical performance by creating cohesive systems that integrate sound, light and movement. I try to blur the lines between the notions of instrument, interface, installation and performance by proposing new contexts for the musical experience.

In the past few years, I’ve been exploring the sonic potential of everyday or familiar objects. I believe that such objects, in this case spinning tops, engage audience members in a particularly intricate manner, awakening subconscious physical memories of their lived experience with those objects, in terms of behavioral expectations, function and symbolic connotations. The public can anticipate the physical rules that will guide the performance and thus actively participate in the tension and release dynamics at play in Soft Revolvers.

During the performance, I will interpret different ‘tableaux’ using the spinning tops, creating shifting rhythmic soundscapes. The performance takes place on a large table (around 3’x6-7’) and lasts around 20 minutes in duration. The system being a platform for composition, each iteration of this performance is unique, integrating fresh musical ideas.